• Fabrizio

    The story of FB International is one of many American dream stories.
    In 1984, a young Italian arrived in the United States with a great deal of curiosity and the desire to learn English. He did both, but mainly because he was won over by a country where anything appears possible, even for someone starting from zero.
    And I, Fabrizio, started out that way, motivated especially by my desire to achieve.

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  • Susan

    Life is surprising. I arrived in the United States from Korea with my two sisters to study music; I play the violin and they play the piano and the cello. We made our dream come true in the strictest and most prestigious school: the Julliard School of New York, where we studied and from which we graduated. But when I met Fabrizio, I put the violin aside to venture into a new sector that was completely unknown to me until that moment.

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About Us

  • JUAN BECERRA - SYMA Holding AG - Switzerland
    "We have worked with FB International as a trade show display partner for six years now, and we are always thrilled with the excellent level of their work. My clients and exhibitors are often blown away at the high quality and design details FB provides. The service we receive from the attentive staff is bar none. I am always confident that a job with FB International will be a job done beyond my expectations.”

    Xavier Even - Head of Department, Support to Operations - UBIFRANCE
    “We would like to recommend FB International for the excellence of the work done for the preparation and the building of all the French Pavilions since 2007. We have appreciated the personal involvement, the kindness, the availability, the flexibility and the constant concern for quality of FB International in the realization of all these events. Our design specifications and technical needs were always perfectly understood and FB International made a wonderful achievement. Definitively this company is our partner on our market.”

    Alex Arakov - MESSERLI / Project Manager - Middle East - Egyptian Pavilion - Summer Fancy Food
    “Now as Fancy Food is over I wanted to thank you all for your effort and service. I also heard that everything went great in the build up time and show. I really want to thank you all for that great job you did, congratulations.”

    “FB International has been cooperating successfully with us for almost 10 years providing stand fitting in our many events organized in the USA. The stand fitting supplied has always been of a very high standard and the design sophisticated. Excellent service has always been provided by FB International prior and during the events and work has always been accomplished according to our schedule. In view of the above we would not hesitate to recommend FB International as a very reliable partner.”

    Shiri Madom - Israeli Diamond Industry - JCK
    “First I wish to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your hard work, dedication, and care you took in the IDI project. I was told that all went smoothly, and you provided high level service as we never experienced before. - The pavilion looked amazing. The level of finish, the design, the materials-all were flawless. In fact, I was told it was the best pavilion EVER built in all our years of exhibiting all over the world.”

    Gil Szczesny - Senior Trade and Marketing Officer - Italian Trade Commission
    “You guys are simply "meravigliosi" [translated from Italian: "wonderful"] I love working with you...”